Frequently Asked Questions

What's CSV Explorer?
CSV Explorer is a tool to search, filter, and analyze CSVs with hundreds to millions of rows. Find answers, create plots, or export your results to Excel for further analysis.

What's a CSV File?
CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. CSV files are a common data exchange file format for databases, spreadsheets, web applications, open data portals, IoT devices, and more. Take a look at our docs on Working with CSVs from various sources.

Is my data secure?
CSV Explorer is designed for you to be able to work with your data and no one else. All data is encrypted and transported securely via TLS. Our team has designed data pipelines and warehouses for Fortune 500 banks and health insurers.

Can CSV Explorer do X?
We're constantly adding features to CSV Explorer. The documentation page is the best place to learn about using CSV Explorer.

What format should my CSV be in?
CSV Explorer intelligently parses most CSV file formats. CSVs should have a header row.

How many rows can my CSV contain?
CSV Explorer supports up to 100 million rows. If you're looking at data sets with more than 20 million rows, we offer dedicated backend to ensure high performance. Contact to learn more.

I don't know how large my CSV is.
Don't panic. That's how CSV Explorer got started, helping some friends who couldn't open a client's CSV. Upload your data and CSV Explorer will help you get started.

How do I upload a really large file?
Some tips for uploading large files on slow internet
- Plug in to wired internet and turn off your Wi-Fi
- Starbucks Wi-Fi often has very quick upload speeds

Can I connect CSV Explorer directly to my database?
Can I connect CSV Explorer to my favorite business intelligence tool?
Can I write SQL on my CSV?
CSV Explorer can provide connection strings which will work with SQL/ODBC clients and BI tools. If you're interested, email