Explore CSVs with Millions of Rows

Upload CSVs from 10 rows to 10 million rows. Search, filter, aggregate, plot, or export to Excel.

screenshot of CSV Explorer

"We tried opening 20 million rows in Excel, and we couldn't use that laptop for 2 days."

- Analyst

📝 Big (or Regular Sized) Data

A few rows or a few million rows, CSV Explorer will intelligently parse text, numbers, and dates, and automatically load them into a high speed database.

🔍 Manipulate

Get the 20,000 Foot View

In a few clicks, filter, search, aggregate, and manipulate your data to find the needle in the haystack or to get the big picture.

📊 Visualize & Connect

Plot your data, save graphs for presentations, or export your results to Excel for further analysis.