How to Remove Duplicates from a CSV File

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CSV Explorer lets you open big CSV files and search them. CSV Explorer also has several features to find and remove duplicate data from a CSV.

Remove Duplicates - Remove duplicate rows from a CSV file
Find Duplicates - Find duplicate values in a column
Choose & Remove Columns - Select columns to keep or remove from a CSV file

Remove Duplicates

To remove duplicate rows, find the column that should be unique. Click the column header, and select Remove Duplicates. This will create a new dataset with only one row for each value.

Screenshot of CSV Explorer software showing how to remove duplicates from CSV file

Find Duplicates

To find duplicate values in a column, click the column header and select Histogram. This will count how many many times each value appears in the dataset. You can search the Histogram for values that show up more than once.

Screenshot of CSV Explorer software showing how to to count repeate values in a CSV file

Choose & Remove Columns

Before or after removing duplicates, you can use CSV Explorer to select or remove columns from a CSV File. At the top left corner of a dataset, select the eye icon .
You can now choose which columns to hide or keep.

Screenshot of CSV Explorer software showing how to choose or remove columns from CSV file

Remove Duplicates from a big CSV

CSV Explorer is the simplest way to work with large CSV files. If you have a large CSV file with duplicate rows, try CSV Explorer.